Lighting with Tesate

Illuminating with cable lighting system: where to use these lighting systems

Aldo Bernardi's tesate are a versatile and elegant lighting solution, perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. Thanks to their refined design, these lighting installations can transform any environment, making it welcoming and functional.

Outdoors, cable lighting systems integrate perfectly into gardens and pathways, creating enchanting light paths that invite you to relax in the evening. Placed between trees or along pathways, the trellises provide adequate outdoor lighting without overloading the environment and adding a touch of elegance. Electrification is ensured by closed junction boxes, which protect against the elements, a unique advantage of Aldo Bernardi's antique brass products.

Indoors, these lights greatly enhance retail spaces, adding a touch of class and functionality. In the 'Modica Frasca' restaurant, for example, the stretched lights, suspended above the tables, create an intimate and convivial atmosphere thanks to their soft lighting. The strategic arrangement of lights contributes to enhancing the décor of the restaurant, highlighting architectural and decorative details. This lighting not only makes the environment more welcoming for customers, but also promotes a pleasant dining experience, inviting conviviality and comfort, essential elements for the success of any commercial space.



Tesate are not simply lighting elements; they represent a fusion of aesthetics and technical innovation. This steel cable lighting system, thanks to its flexible and modular nature, is clearly distinguished by a number of features.

Flexibility and adaptability of the Tesate

The main feature of these lighting tools is their incredible flexibility. The cable lighting system allows the lights to be positioned and repositioned along the cable route, thus offering unprecedented customisation. This property is particularly advantageous in environments requiring variable lighting configurations, such as exhibition or multi-functional spaces, where requirements can change frequently.

Modern, linear design of Tesate

Tesate are known for their modern and linear design, which blends perfectly with a wide range of decorative styles, from classic and traditional to ultra-modern. The simplicity of the lines and the quality of the materials used, further emphasise the purity and elegance of lamps such as Frasca or spotlight tesate, making them not only a functional element but also a true design piece.

Aldo Bernardi's tesate stand out from the market thanks to their superior construction quality. Unlike other lighting solutions, these light sources are designed to last over time, resist external elements and maintain an impeccable aesthetic appearance: a long-lasting and reliable investment for any space.


These solutions are extremely versatile thanks to the cable system, which allows easy customisation and reconfiguration of the lights. This flexibility makes the lighting trusses ideal for environments that require adaptability, such as art galleries or exhibition halls.

Tesate lighting enables the creation of tailor-made atmospheres, adapting the intensity and direction of light to the specific needs of an event or environment, enhancing the visual experience in both residential and commercial spaces.

The elegant and discreet design of the trusses blends harmoniously into any context, maintaining a clear aesthetic coherence and adding a touch of style without overpowering the environment.

Thanks to the possibility of changing in the lighting arrangement, many environments can use these lamps not only for functional needs but also as distinctive design elements, enhancing the attractiveness and functionality of spaces. Tesate offers ideal lighting in offices as well as in any commercial space.



As explained in the preceding paragraphs, steel wire lighting fixtures are not simply lighting solutions; they represent a true art form in interior design. The use of these lights in different environments, both indoors and outdoors, opens up endless creative possibilities.

Indoors, they can outline and emphasise specific areas, such as reading corners or product displays in shops, adding visual depth and interest. Outdoors, lights arranged on steel wires can transform gardens and terraces into enchanting and functional spaces for evening events or everyday relaxation.

Aldo Bernardi's tesate lights demonstrate how lighting should not only be functional, but can also be a central element in defining the style and atmosphere of a space. With their flexibility, refined aesthetics and ability to create tailor-made atmospheres, tesate are a safe investment in the visual enhancement of living and working spaces.

Whether enhancing the appearance of a restaurant, adding character to an office, or bringing magic to a garden, Aldo Bernardi's tesate offer state-of-the-art solutions that meet aesthetic and practical needs with equal skill.

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