Designer Lamps

Production of designer lamps

"If light travels so fast, how come the afternoons are so long?"

Sally Brown, Peanuts

Research, exploration and innovation: Aldo Bernardi design lamps are the result of continuous work, where new glazes, finishes and materials meet the taste for both design and functionality.
The long experience in the ancient art of ceramics gives to every creation the unquestioned charm of craftsmanship, but contains the seed for new research and new developments.

Thanks to manual work and attention to detail, indeed, all Aldo Bernardi creations are able to add value and elegance to all environments.
The result is essential shapes that give light and energy to environments thanks to fine materials and dynamic forms.

Aldo Bernardi produces wall sconces with a modern design and pendant lamps in ceramic, aluminum or steel, perfect for lighting high ceilings and giving a contemporary touch to spaces.
Aldo Bernardi's designer pendant or wall lamps are ideal for illuminating interiors as they can be used both to highlight furnishing elements or wall patterns and as design elements.

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