Lustre ceramic lamps and chandeliers


Lustre Ceramic for lamps and chandeliers

Lustre ceramics is an exclusive treatment that gives surfaces a delicate, lustrous finish, enhancing the nuances and veining.

According to tradition, the lustre technique consists of applying a mixture of metallic salts to the surface of an already fired and decorated ceramic artefact, which is then fired again in the so-called 'muffola' (kiln chamber) with an oxygen-free atmosphere so that the metallic salts can be transformed into pure metals and the metallic particles are incorporated into the glaze, softened by the heat, thus creating the iridescent effect that is typical of lustre.

This handcrafted process enhances the natural beauty of the materials, making each lamp and chandelier a one-of-a-kind piece.

Lustre ceramic working technique

This age-old technique, dating back to medieval times in the Islamic world, has been perfected over time, evolving into a sophisticated and timeless art form.
Different techniques can be used to achieve this type of decoration. In impasto lustre, the metallic salts are added to an earthy excipient that is removed after firing; in acid lustre, the salts are dissolved in an acetic acid solution, while varnish lustre is obtained by adding metallic salts to the composition of the vitreous coating. Other techniques include volatilisation lustre and resin lustre.

The technique used in the I LUSTRI line, on the other hand, is lustre by fusion, which contains a layer of the following precious metals: 24-carat gold, 22-carat platinum and 90% copper.


The procedure starts with the element freshly taken out of the mould, which is cleaned and dried, fired at 1000° and then enamelled by immersion; the enamel is then sprayed and subsequently annealed at 995°.
We then proceed to the lustre decoration, spreading the different deposits of the precious metals described above (gold, platinum or copper) with a firm and precise brush hand. This is followed by a further third-firing at about 750°.

In each work realised with the lustre technique, attention to detail and attention to perfection emerge, values that embody the very essence of Aldo Bernardi's philosophy. The lustre ceramics on offer are an excellent choice for those in search of unique objects, capable of conferring a touch of refinement and originality.

Aldo Bernardi: Manufacturer of ceramic lustre lamps

Among Aldo Bernardi's most iconic products are pendant lamps, such as the I LUSTRI line that marries the elegance of lustrous ceramic with classic, harmonious lines.

Aldo Bernardi's lustre ceramic lamps represent the perfect combination of refined aesthetics and impeccable functionality, enriching rooms with sophisticated lighting and a touch of handcrafted authenticity.


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