Our values


In everything we make, in each product and every working day, we never forget the values that distinguish our company and pervade our world.


We do what we do each day with joy and enthusiasm. We are intrigued and enamoured by the raw materials we use; we become absorbed in our ideas and projects and approach them with great dedication. It is true love!


With our feet on the ground, we manage to achieve great momentum. We like to imagine our products around the world, with no geographical boundaries, and to devise ways to reach even further. We have taken many small steps up to now, and we hope to continue in this way.


Our ideas, our products and some of our techniques for processing raw materials are unique, original and creative. We have a sincere respect for the materials we use; we do not stretch their qualities to the limits but merely adapt them to our needs. Our ideas matter greatly us and our work is always signed with the Aldo Bernardi signature.


The quality of the raw materials, products and processes is our primary concern. Creating artefacts without disregarding anything, having a certified quality system (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008) and showing dedication and care in every step is in our nature; it’s what we do, without any effort.


We never grow tired of learning. With Colacem®, Rustic Silver®, lustre glazes, and our gazebos and proposals for gardens we have explored new paths, seeking a balance of lightness, brightness, strength and solidity. We have created something unique and this motivates us every day.

Social Responsability

Aldo Bernardi has been collaborating with Welfare Care for years to encourage and support breast cancer prevention. This collaboration guarantees, every year, the provision of free mammograms and ultrasound scans for women aged 35 to 49. This union of purpose, a positive example of collaboration between the private and nonprofit sectors, proves Aldo Bernardi's daily commitment to contribute to the well-being of the area and its residents.


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