FRASCA OUTDOOR - Outdoor headlight

Materials: Brass Dark Bronze Chrome
Type: Line lamp

Development of the indoor collection, FRASCA OUTDOOR presents the interesting head light proposal, an original but sober lighting solution suitable for open spaces.

The FRASCA head light is a structure where, using special accessories, a series of suspensions are placed on stainless still cable AISI 316, provided with a central support rod and aerial hooking for their safe anchoring.

The lamp body of the pendant is equipped with a collimating lens that concentrates the light beam.

To make the TESATE by Aldo Bernardi Srl, ASI 316 steel cable is used, already pressed onto ASI 316 steel terminals. The actual breaking load of these components has been tested by LAT.I.F. of which we attach the test report. To create the TESATA it is essential to receive from the customer the precise, millimetric measurement of the distance to be covered. Aldo Bernardi Srl will create the customized anchor cable.

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