4 Ideas to lighten up your workspace


How to enlighten your workplace with a functional design

4 suggestions to improve the lighting of your workspaces

An environment needs to be renovated, modernise and enriched with new functionalities. As we already do with our home, let's try to think about a redesign of workspaces. It takes taste and imagination to enhance company's team and personality.

We spend almost one third of our day in working environment. We can them define spaces to be lived, because open spaces, offices, studios, ateliers, waiting rooms are places that we often frequent.

This is the reason why it is very important choosing furniture suitable for every room, depending on the activity to which it is destined and study a customised illumination for it. Do not make the mistake of work in bad enlightened spaces, with dark corners and bothersome reflections. Light should be conceived and designed, paying attention to the smallest detail.

It is necessary a solution that joins functionality to aesthetics, the taste for design and the correct enlightenment and face our project in 4 steps.

  1. Space. Let's take a white sheet. Draw the space, the shape of your available room and think about how the natural light source develops and where it is placed. Every modernisation process involves the study of the environment, to grab elements to enhance, studying customised solutions.
  2. Focus. Which will be the main purpose of your room? A meeting room, an office, a studio or an entrance hall? Every room has a different function and needs particular attentions. A suspension lamp can be the right choice to enlighten an hall and welcome customers or guests with a surprise effect. For the furnishings of an open plan you should focus on a surface lighting system, an element that develops and reach every corner of your room, guaranteeing the right light you need.
  3. Design. Let's look around. Which is the main colour? White, grey, wood? In the case we are not interested in realising a complete restyling of working spaces, we should try to trust on the present mood. This will be the best guide for the choice of lighting solutions, both for shapes and materials. Brass can be chosen for a classic style, but also as an elegant contrast element ina more modern environment.
  4. Practicality. We should try to focus our attention on some solutions that allow us to use the present light points, enhancing them. A proper surface lighting system can be the right choice if we have few electrification points, but we want to design the right brightness. We gathered in this post some useful suggestions to enlighten a room with a surface-mounted wiring system.

Let's start from an idea, a research in the web or in industry magazine. Imagine the new lighting of your working space. If you need some more tips, we can guide you in choosing the customised solution. We study together with you the furniture more suitable to your spaces, developing in our inside technical office.


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