How to enlighten home exterior areas

Come illuminare gli spazi esterni della casa
Come illuminare gli spazi esterni della casa_1
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Enlightening your garden

A well-lit and well-kept garden is like your business card for those who are just entering your property. The way you present it can reveal a lot about you and your home.

There are several elements you should take into account when enhancing your outdoor area: the surface area available, the presence of a pathway, structures such as gazebos, terraces and the number of trees or other plants in the setting.

Therefore, knowing the proper way to illuminate a garden is important: being aware of what to highlight with the right lighting will allow you to focus your efforts to achieve the desired results.
Thus, here are some tricks for enhancing your outdoor spaces with lamps and outdoor lighting elements.


One of the first elements that can be enhanced is certainly the driveway. It represents the access way to the house and, as such, plays a central role in your garden.
Having an illuminated walkway is a great advantage in terms of safety and, also, in terms of aesthetics, since it creates an attractive transition between indoor and outdoor areas.
An elegant solution to brighten up and enhance the driveway is to illuminate its path with lamps, so as to highlight the pathway and give emphasis to the garden. For example, you could add along the route Attila spotlight model, made of antique brass and copper.


If you intend to turn your garden or terrace into a relaxation area, the choice of lighting is extremely important. And if you are wondering how to light a patio or covered terrace, remember that light has the task of defining the space and create the right atmosphere.
Regardless of the dimensions, a more or less intense illumination allows these structures to be turned into cosy and relaxing locations.
For example, by using pendant lighting or lanterns, you have the possibility to create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere by using very simple objects. To pursue this idea, there are several solutions to rely on, products that are ideal for adding style and elegance to the outdoor environment, without consuming an excessive amount of energy, to avoid weighing too much on the utility bill.


To obtain an elegant and functional result, however, installing a few spotlights or lanterns is not enough; the design of the garden lighting plays a fundamental role.
Studying the placement and the type of light is not a waste of time.
With well reasoned work, the visitor will not focus on the lighting source, but on the context it creates. For example, a patio or a driveway lighting should not just be designed to avoid people tripping. Instead, they can be used to enhance the elements on the wall or on the floor, combining functional and scenic value.
In this regard, Aldo Bernardi, proposes several solutions to illuminate the garden with style and elegance, for example the Hanny or Pasdedeux lamps. If you are looking for new ideas and suggestions to furnish your garden, here are.


The simplest solution is usually the best one. The lack of certain details to be emphasised should not be an obstacle. In such cases, the choice can lie on details in the border of the garden.
Illuminating the edge hedge, highlighting the front door of the house or inserting lighting elements near the entrance door or in the flowerbeds can be a great opportunity to liven up the outdoor area.
Defining spaces, distances or highlighting key points of the perimeter, in fact, allows visitors to have a clear, precise and welcoming vision of the environment they are about to interact with.
Finally, an often underestimated detail concerns the choice of materials.
The element that will illuminate the garden at night must always be functional, efficient and above all resistant, at any time or season.
Aldo Bernardi has always paid great attention to the choice of materials, in order to create high-performance and reliable products: the ideal choice for garden and home lighting.

All in all, giving your garden an elegant, bright and well-kept look is a considerable challenge, but it can provide a great sense of satisfaction and actually add value to your property.

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