4 ideas to illuminate the garden


Design ideas to light up your outdoor spaces

4 original ideas to illuminate and furnish the garden

The garden is one of the most important spaces of the home, though it is sometimes overlooked because all it requires is a well-trimmed lawn and a hedge which is “aligned” in just the right position for it to look its best. Not true. There are many small touches, a question of details and style, which can make our outdoor environment a personal extension of our house.

What elements can be used to enrich the garden?

Think about the exterior space, not only its dimensions, but its form as well. Think about how the garden will be used: a space to relax in, a place for open air meals and parties, an infusion of nature. Each of these intended uses for the garden requires looking at the elements already present to plan and design exactly the best solution, the one which best meets our needs. Here is a collection of tips and ideas to furnish and light outdoor spaces.

  • Spotlights. The garden is a path leading through greenery, to be admired in the light of the day and enjoyed, even more, at dusk and when the sun has already set. Enrich the walkway with some spotlights they could prove to be a simple solution but have great effect, attractive and functional The uniqueness of brass offers incredible personality and contrasts with the green of the leaves and the grass which surrounds it.
  • Lamp post light for the garden. A light which furnishes, even where there are no walkways or pavement. Leave space for the antique effect copper and brass structure where the pole element, therefore extending the light, creates harmony with the surrounding environment.
  • Outdoor wall lighting. Simple details make themselves known. For example, the outdoor lighting range Scuderia: an ideal element, not just for indoor spaces, but to light outdoor spaces as well. The perfect finish for a bare wall, which acquires value and importance, and can become the structural focal point.
  • Brass gazebo structures. The garden can be home to an elegant, fixed hexagonal structure, such as Frassanelle, combining the originality of manufacture with the functionality of the lighting element. In a private garden, the gazebo is a valid design proposal for garden furniture, which can be personalised with different coverings, such as: curtains, Indian gauze drapes or the natural cover of climbing plants. The brass gazebo can be fixed to the lawn and accommodate flooring in brick, wood or granite.

Live with nature, surrounded by greenery: a shared desire, which can often be accompanied by elements of design which enrich our experience through total sensory immersion. If you are looking for new ideas for lighting and furnishing your garden visit the website or contact us to discover what Aldo Bernardi offers for lighting outdoor spaces.



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