GUINGUETTE – Head Light for outdoor lighting

Materials: Brass
Plug: E.27
Type: Suspensions

The GUINGUETTE head light is a structure where, using special accessories, a series of suspensions are placed on stainless steel cable AISI 316, provided with a central support rod and aerial hooking for their safe anchoring.

The suspensions can have one or two outputs of the electric cable, provided with a central support rod and aerial coupling; each output has the cable with a standard length of 2 meters. The height of the rod or the length of the cable can be changed at the time of installation.

The interesting proposal of these lamps is an original but sober solution to illuminate open spaces.

To manufacture the TESATE, Aldo Bernardi srl uses ASI 316 stainless steel cable, fitted with terminals made of the same material. The load capacity up to the point of failure for these components has been thoroughly tested by LAT.I.F., and the test report is available for download. It is essential for Aldo Bernardi srl to receive the exact measurement, down to the millimeter, of the length needed to span the intended distance, in order to produce the anchoring cable perfectly tailored to the requirements.

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