Innovation and history enlightened in Subotica


Renaissance through light: the Basch House 1887 project

The Basch House, located in the heart of Subotica, is an emblematic example of architecture that has undergone constant evolution while maintaining a strong connection to the cultural context of the city. Begun in 2021, an ambitious renovation aimed to restore the building to its former glory, paying homage to its history and importance as a witness to Subotica's urban transformation.

Originally designed in 1887 by architect Titus Mačković, the villa has gone through several phases, serving as a prestigious residence and a symbol of social and commercial evolution.

From history to renovation

Basch House 1887 now emerges not only as an ambitious restaurant - designed to elevate the restaurant experience beyond traditional boundaries - but also as a virtuous example of renovation and space enhancement through designer lighting.

The three-storey project aims to offer each visitor a distinctive and enriching experience in a context that celebrates the cultural and historical depth of the place.

The basement area, lit with Civetta SPR system and the modular lighting system i Rombi, reveals a craft brewery that pays tribute to the brewing tradition, thanks to the legacy of the Salm family from Vienna and the use of advanced technology to produce the unique Basch beer. This area represents dedication to quality and excellence, offering beer enthusiasts an unexplored taste dimension and a superbly lightened location.

The ground floor hosts the Basch House 1887 restaurant, where culinary tradition merges with innovation in a warm and inviting ambience. The care taken in the choice of lighting, featuring products such as Fate Contrappeso, Lustri L10 and Multilustri, helps to create a unique atmosphere that elevates the customer experience.

Finally, the attic houses six modern flats, designed for refined living, combining comfort, aesthetics and a perfect balance between luxury and history. Here too, the elegant lighting of products such as Cubetto, Loggia and Materia further refine the spaces, offering a memorable experience that harmonises past and present.


Classy lighting: Aldo Bernardi's signature in Basch House

This transformation project also emphasises the importance of light as a key element in the enhancement of historic environments, not only to highlight architectural beauty, but also to create a welcoming and refined atmosphere that invites visitors to immerse themselves in a unique experience where design and history blend harmoniously.

Choosing the right lighting for a building so steeped in history and meaning is a task that requires sensitivity and a deep understanding of the impact light can have on spaces. This is where Aldo Bernardi's innovative and, at the same time, heritage-friendly approach proves essential.

Aldo Bernardi's lighting products, with their unique design and ability to create intimate and cosy atmospheres, integrate perfectly with the historic ambience of the Basch House, enhancing every architectural detail and inviting guests on a journey through time, between past and present, in an unforgettable experience.

The use of Aldo Bernardi products in the project was not accidental but the result of a careful choice, aimed at integrating and enhancing each space with lighting solutions that reflect a commitment to excellence and innovation.

With their ability to harmonise with the historic surroundings while offering a modern vision of design, products like Sauvignon were able to enhance the ambience of Basch House 1887, making restaurant's lighting an added value for a venue that becomes a point of reference for those seeking a high-level hospitality and visual experience in Serbia.

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