5 tips for enlightening a restaurant



How important is a good lighting in a restaurant? More than you might imagine!
If the menu and the cuisine are the main characters of your restaurant, the structure, the furniture and the lighting are like their scenography. Nowadays, in fact, customers no longer choose a restaurant exclusively for its dishes, but also to enjoy a real experience, in a suggestive location with a unique atmosphere.
This is why taking care of the design of your restaurant and creating a pleasant environment is essential in order to create a successful restaurant.

So how do you do it?
There are several elements that contribute to creating an unforgettable experience: music, furniture, perfumes and interior design contribute to changing the perception of your location, including the lighting!


Restaurant lamps and lighting play an important role in creating an impressive and impactful location, which is essential to make a positive impression in the minds of customers.

So let's have a look at 5 fundamental factors for lighting a classy restaurant:

1. Choose the restaurant's light style according to your target

The style of the chandeliers, their material, and shapes define the ambience more than you can imagine.
What is the concept of your restaurant? And what atmosphere do you want to recreate? Do you want a formal or informal ambience, sophisticated or more traditional? Once you have established that, choose lighting that reflects the chosen style.
For example, for a more refined and chic place, you could opt for an impressive chandelier with modern lines, such as the Cappadocia pendant lamp or the Tubò series of lamps and ceiling to illuminate the restaurant counter.
Conversely, for a location with a rustic and familiar style you could insert a more classic lighting, such as our Civetta model.

2. Choose the type of lighting according to the furniture and the interior design

Keep in mind that lighting must always match the other elements in your room.
Also, consider the size and space you have. If your restaurant counts on high ceilings and very spacious rooms, you could consider more voluminous chandeliers, such as the Turandot model. On the other hand, if your restaurant is more intimate and set in a smaller location, consider using smaller chandeliers or select a lighting system, such as ourModulare I Rombi, with great visual impact.
The same goes for the lighting of the restaurant tables. Always keep in mind the proportions and avoid excessively large lighting on small tables or you will risk to create a confusing and overfilled table.

3. The materials of chandeliers really make a big difference

An important factor to take into consideration is the overall mood and atmosphere you plan to recreate. Overall, your restaurant should have a homogenous and coherent look. Therefore, consider the materials and shapes of the other components before choosing chandeliers for the restaurant and lamps for the tables.
At Aldo Bernardi we use a variety of materials for our chandeliers, all of which come in high quality and with unique lines.
From brass to copper, from steel to ceramic: we create chandeliers with modern and classic lines in different materials, to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces in a harmonious and pleasant way.
For example, the Lustri L5 line is a fantastic example of designer pendant lamps in ceramic, perfect for accentuating modern corners or spaces.

4. Pay attention to the light: the colour and the type of bulb make so much difference

Not only the chandeliers, but also the bulbs and the type of light play a big role in creating the atmosphere. Incandescent bulbs create a softer light, while fluorescent bulbs produce a much brighter and more vivid light. On the other hand, if you want to adopt an easily adaptable - and less energy-consuming - lighting, you could choose LED lighting for your restaurant.

5. Create a coherent path through all the rooms, starting with the outdoor areas

Create a coherent path through all the rooms, starting with the outdoor areas
it is important to create a journey that guides your customers throughout their experience in your restaurant. From their arrival at the restaurant to the end of their meal, it is important to take care of every detail to give them the best possible experience.
This is why it is important to look after the lighting starting with the outdoor areas, especially if you use outdoor spaces during the service. For example, you could complete the outdoor garden with Frasca Outdoor chandeliers, perfect for outdoor summer dining. Or you could decorate outdoor walls with wall lights
designed for outdoor spaces, such as the Pasdedeux model - with its modern design - or the timeless Giulietta model in brass.

Would you like to enlighten your restaurant in an original way and with innovative design lamps?
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