Interior Lighting: How to choose the right lamp and light source

How to choose the right lamp and light source

Identifying the most suitable solution, however, is certainly not an easy task. There are so many types of indoor lamps and for this reason it is essential to consider several factors before choosing any model.
First, it is important to define in which room the lamp will be placed, its function, how much light you want and the type of existing electrical predisposition.
Once this is clarified, you can move on to the actual choice of the lamp, defining the design, style, materials and type of chandelier.

Types of indoor chandeliers

Each type of chandelier performs a different function and, depending on the type of light and atmosphere you want to recreate, some models are more suitable than others:


Suspension lamps, especially if they are designer lamps, have the power to transform environments, becoming the true centerpieces of the room. Thanks to their important source of light and their decorative function, pendant lamps are the ideal element to illuminate precise points in a kitchen, such as the dining table or the central island, to define spaces and create welcoming atmospheres in living rooms, pubs or restaurants.
Thanks to high-quality materials such as brass, copper and ceramic, it is also possible to give emphasis to the room and create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere.


When spaces are tight, such as corridors, entrances or staircases, opting for applique or indoor led spotlights could be the winning solution. This type of indoor lighting, indeed, allows to illuminate precise points and small rooms, creating beautiful effects of light and shadow, with a minimal and sophisticated style.


Simple and effective, ceiling lights are perfect for lighting rooms with not too high ceilings. As they have no visible supports or cables, they are also perfect to maintain a clean and minimal design, ideal to save space without sacrificing aesthetic value, thanks to the original and attractively designed models.
Ceiling lights are, in fact, one of the most common solutions for lighting indoor spaces thanks to their ease of installation, high illumination and their incredible versatility, which makes them an excellent choice for any room you need to furnish.


Ideal for furnishing a classy study orlighting up a sophisticated living room, floor lamps are perfect for brightening the interiors of modern and classic homes, enhancing corners or precise points of the house.
A fantastic example would be to place them near an armchair and a bookshelf to create, in a few simple steps, a nice reading corner.


However, if you want to illuminate a large surface and, at the same time, introduce design elements that decorate the entire room, lighting systems are the winning card.
In ceramic, steel, brass, with classic lines or a more contemporary design: whatever the style of the environment you want to furnish, the lighting systems have the ability to decorate and provide original lighting points that will certainly not go unnoticed!

Therefore, there are so many alternatives to provide light to the rooms and, at the same time, furnish the spaces with character and uniqueness. The important point to keep in mind is that just changing the materials or the type of chandelier you will revolutionize the entire style of a room.
Choosing the perfect model for your environment is, therefore, the first step for a quality project, capable of enhancing to the maximum the elements inside.

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