5 ideas to enlighten your living room


Lighting up the living room

How to enlighten the living room: 5 suggestions and ideas

The living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. After the kitchen, the living room is one of the most lived spaces, where we spend most of our time. Due to this characteristic, we should pay particular attention to develop a precise study and design for a perfect lighting of this space.

We suggest you 5 useful ideas to develop a proper and functional lighting design for a living room, starting from a new project or from a review of an already existing solution.

  1. Spaces. Focus your attention on the dimensions and the shape of the room. How can be designed the space to enlighten? Both for an open and for a small space, you should aim at recreating armony. Light should be a connection element, driving the sight to an environment of relax and wellness.
  2. Furniture and shades. If the room has already some furnishing elements or you are designing each single detail, don't forget the general contest. When an illumination is in armony with the entire environment that surrounds it, it unveils its real beauty. It is for this reason necessary to take a look at colours, shades and to the style that we want to impress to the living room, to avoid a "multicoloured effect". Select the better tonalities, that express your tastes and the style of the whole house.
  3. Shapes. For the lighting of an indoor space, you can use elements of different shapes: lighting spots, suspension lamps, table lamps, applique, surface lighting systems. Each one of this solution is an incredible source of light, spreading illumination from a different perspective. Let's try to learn qualities and values of each lighting element to make a precise choice, that perfectly integrate in our interior spaces. Here an example of two different effects, choosing a suspension lamp and a surface wiring system.
  4. Windows and natural lights. Check all windows, doors, points from which comes natural light: these that have to be coordinated to artificial light. A window, a balcony, a terrace are important elements, that can influence space perception and the furnishing elements too.
  5. Who will stay in that room? Let's choose different solutions, following our emotions and sensitivity. During the choice of an illumination suitable for the living room, think about who will stay in that room. The number of people and their tastes, considering that percetion is one the most important factors in the designing of a successful indoor lighting.

The designing of the lighting for a living room is a path towards the discovery of people and spaces. The choice of suitable lighting systems is the first step for a quality furnishing, that can speak about your environment. We can realise together a lighting project for the living room, discover our Technical Department or contact us for more information, writing an email at [email protected]


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