5 ideas for illuminating your kitchen


Tips for lighting up the heart of your home

The taste of illumination: 5 tips for lighting your kitchen

In Italy the word "cucina" refers not only to the art of good cuisine but also to a room: the heart of the home, a unique place, where creativity and taste come alive. Such a precious space needs to discover all the elegance and functionality of perfect lighting within its walls.

Are you wondering how to arrange the lighting in your kitchen? Here are 5 useful tips to create the ideal atmosphere and give your kitchen perfect lighting, increasing liveability and the harmony of spaces.

  1. Let's start with space. When choosing lighting, the shape of a room and its internal layout within a space play a key role. When we design a lighting system, we take natural light points into consideration and try to counterbalance with artificial lighting for all the less illuminated corners of a room. The aim is to obtain uniform lighting that is not too bright.
  2. Structure. We always consider each project individually. Is your home new? If so, we will have more choice about deciding where to place light points. Also for restoration, excellent lighting systems can be created, which best exploit available space, without significantly affecting the existing structure.
  3. Style. The most creative part. We create solutions that complement the furnishings and mood of your kitchen: pendant lamps, adjustable lamps, spotlights or lighting systems. It is essential for them to embellish your kitchen and provide the right atmosphere for cooking, relaxing and living.
  4. Colour. Do you have a modern or a classic kitchen? Is it lacquered or in natural wood? You can choose the lighting solution that best suits your needs, getting ideas from your furniture and the colour of the walls. For example, a brass lamp is ideal in a classic-style solid wood kitchen. Or you can be daring with sensations and colours, choosing an original ceramic pendant lamp as a contrasting element in a contemporary-style kitchen.
  5. The last tip is very simple: effect. The harmony of a room depends on many factors: space, furnishings, shapes and colours. There is no single guide to finding the ideal lighting solution. Let your imagination inspire you and choose the end result you want to give to your space.

One of the great challenges, when you consider lighting interior spaces is knowing how to combine style and the art of furnishing with the functional tools and applications. Are you looking for other tips to find the perfect light for the rooms in your home? Read our blog or contact us to find out about the tailor-made interior lighting solutions that Aldo Bernardi can create for you.


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