Custom-made lighting: art and functionality

Bespoke lighting creations: handcrafted lamps and customised chandeliers

In the world of lighting, custom-made handcrafted creations represent not only a choice of style, but a true philosophy of life. Handcrafted lamps and custom-made chandeliers are more than just lighting objects: they represent a philosophy that weaves style, functionality and history into every single creation.

A distinctive aspect of these lighting fixtures is their ability to connect current design with the richness of tradition, a bridge between the present and centuries of craftsmanship, enhancing it. This inheritance of skills and techniques enriches each creation, making it unique not only in appearance but also in the history it carries with it.


The primary benefit of buying custom lamps lies in their unparalleled quality. Each creation is the result of a careful process that begins with the selection of materials, chosen not only for their shapes and colours but also for their ability to 'age well' and maintain their structural integrity.

The meticulous attention to detail goes beyond mere aesthetics; this level of care ensures that each lamp or chandelier is not only a visual masterpiece, but also an example of superb functionality, offering superior lighting quality. Equally important is the advantage of customisation. Unlike mass production options, handcrafted creations can be customised to perfectly suit the specific needs of each environment.

This means that each creation can be sized, coloured and designed to reflect a personal style, integrating harmoniously with the décor and enriching the space with interior lighting that is both functional and inviting.



At the core of the creation process of each handcrafted lamp and chandelier is a deep dedication to quality, visible in the scrupulous choice of fine materials and in the attention to every detail. In Aldo Bernardi's philosophy, the selection of materials is never left to chance: copper, bronze, ceramic and glass, to name but a few, are selected for their aesthetic and functional properties. Each material is chosen not only for its physical properties, but also for its ability to tell a story, evoke emotions and create connections.

Skilled craftsmen, like Aldo Bernardi, master a wealth of knowledge that becomes essential in the creation of each item.

With this in mind, the creation process not only enhances local craftsmanship, but actively engages in its preservation, ensuring that these valuable skills are not lost.


The customisation of lamps, as mentioned above, is not only about shape; in fact, it allows us to define how light also influences living and working space, shaping not only the perception of an environment but also psychological and physical well-being. Through custom-made lamps and chandeliers, it is possible to precisely design the lighting of interior spaces, relying on great versatility.

In the domestic environment, custom-made lighting can create warm and cosy atmospheres, intimate reading areas or lively spaces for entertainment, reflecting and reflecting the personality of the people living there. In offices and retail spaces, customised lamps and chandeliers can enhance the functionality of rooms or enhance product displays.

Each environment presents its own unique challenges and opportunities: varying ceiling heights, furniture colours and materials, natural light inputs and more. This means balancing direct and indirect light sources, choosing the right colour temperature for each space, and strategically positioning each handcrafted lamp to maximise visual and functional impact.

Beyond functionality, customising lighting is a powerful means of personal expression. Lamps and chandeliers become furnishing statements that tell stories, capture memories or reflect passions.


It is evident how the customisation of handcrafted lamps offers unequalled creative freedom, allowing one not only to choose but to actively shape how light defines and transforms spaces. An emblematic example of this synergy between bespoke design and space is the elegant Serenissima Boutique Hotel, located in the charming town of Chania on the island of Crete. Here, the Abbazia wall light was deliberately redesigned to best suit the location that would host it. In order to give it greater lightness, without however detracting from its seriousness and consistency, the cast brass base was replaced with a conduit that better suited the available space. The result is a source of lighting with character that does not go unnoticed and, at the same time, does not disturb the overall view.

The adoption of custom-made handcrafted lamps, such as those installed in the Serenissima Boutique Hotel, underlines the importance of a personal approach to lighting. These are not simply lighting fixtures; they are central elements that tell a story, be it the heritage of a historic building or the aesthetic vision of a modern space. Lighting thus becomes an essential component of the narrative of a space, capable of capturing and reflecting the essence of the place and the people who inhabit it.

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