Collextion Farm


The harmony between design and lighting: Collextion Farm

For 30 years, Studio MAJO has stood out in the furniture world for its philosophy based on partnership and collaboration, committed to creating high-impact solutions that meet the high ambitions of its clients.

The constant pursuit of excellence and attention to detail led the studio to choose Aldo Bernardi products for a truly special project: to give new life and light to an old rustic house located in the hills of Siena.


The renovation of this building required numerous interventions and, of course, the lighting design could not be left to chance either. The necessity was to illuminate this old country house, all made of living stone, with products that could adapt, at the same time, to the exact style of the building and the surrounding environment: a simple location but with a character that was anything but banal.

As mentioned above, in the search for the best lighting solutions, an important role was played by the Crea agency and Mr. Sutti, who proposed the use of Aldo Bernardi creations. The choice proved to be effectively successful.


The collaboration between studio MAJO and Aldo Bernardi has made it possible to design and create a cozy atmosphere that exudes an aura of antiquity while meeting modern needs and tastes.

What makes Aldo Bernardi different from other brands about this project?

"Aldo Bernardi’s creations are made for these contexts, or rather, they find in these the best showcase to be appreciated, enhancing the context itself".

Living stone walls proved to be the perfect backdrop for Aldo Bernardi products, which find their ideal place in this type of environment. In addition, the use of antiqued brass and ceramics in neutral tones, such as matte white or matte black, lends impeccable harmony to the entire home.

What Aldo Bernardi products are featured in the house?

"The client made a selection of Aldo Bernardi products for both interiors and exteriors, demonstrating excellent taste in combining different styles without weighing down the overall environment, which can be felt as soon as you cross the threshold".

Inside the building, the spaces are distinguished by large openings showing elegant wooden beams. A touch of originality was given by the lighting of the contour of these openings, made with two or three spotlights and the channels of the Quadri system.

Also very striking is the decision to place a group of lamps from the Lustri collection above the dining table.
Arranged at different heights, these lamps transform from simple lighting sources to real furniture elements. In contrast, Lustri lamps were chosen for bathroom lighting.

In the central stairwell, several Fate lamps have been installed at various altitudes, fixed on a fixed support and with a rosette that allows an off-center arrangement. In the living room area, on the other hand, the charming Fate - Lenza, with their movable fishing line support, lend a touch of elegance and versatility to their location.

It was also a winning choice to illuminate the rooms with the Fashion applique or pongé fabric wall sconces from the Tehinà series. The soft light provided by these wall lights enhances the family atmosphere that permeates these rooms.

Particular elements such as ceramic switches from the Castore line, a ceramic multi-socket and simple "baked" ceramic spotlights were also chosen. These solutions turned out to be perfect for furnishing spaces such as the pantry or cellar, which require the same care and attention as other rooms.

What Aldo Bernardi products are featured outside?

Outside, the evocative beauty of the sassovivo walls provided the ideal backdrop for wall sconces, such as the refined Re Lear and the elegant Foresteria.

Now, the antiqued brass elements, with their fusion of brass and white enameled reflector, blend harmoniously with their surroundings, becoming an integral part of the whole.
In the driveway and garden, the head-pole lamps of the Nabucco series stand out for their elegance, placed on poles of different heights.

We can say that there are some houses that, unlike others, have an intimate atmosphere that is gradually but inevitably revealed. Studio MAJO, together with Aldo Bernardi, managed to capture the unique essence of this place and convey it through design and furniture elements, creating an authentic and engaging experience.

Do you want to use Aldo Bernardi's light creations in your design project?