Design apartment in St. Petersburg

Aldo Bernardi's Ottone system brightens a Modern Apartment in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, a location of high historical and architectural value, is the stage for a major renovation project involving the Aldo Bernardi brand. The focus of this design challenge revolved around an apartment located in the heart of the city, amid charming period buildings and enchanting canals.

The goal was to create a modern and functional environment without compromising the historic charm of the place. Interior designers took this opportunity to leave a distinctive mark and involve lighting as a key element in the transformation of the spaces.

To make this possible, the Ottone System, an iconic Aldo Bernardi creation, was chosen. Although this product is not the latest in lighting, the Implant proved to be the perfect choice to bring a touch of class and sophistication to this contemporary location.


Lighting with timeless appeal

In the wide range of modern lighting products, Aldo Bernardi's Ottone System represents an elite item; in fact, this lighting system is imbued with timeless elegance and impeccable quality craftsmanship.

Its intelligent design and attention to detail immediately impressed the design team, convincing them that it would be ideal for this ambitious project. Certainly, one of the features that made the Brass System so suitable for this project was its great versatility. With the ability to be used in a variety of environments, from kitchens to living spaces, this lighting system proved to be perfectly suited to the needs of the apartment and the atmosphere it contained.

The lighting system as a unifying element

While the Ottone System illuminated the interiors, thanks to its constituent elements, it connected and bound the rooms together. Cleverly integrated conduits and junction boxes on the walls made it possible to transform the lighting into an architectural element, uniting the spaces harmoniously. This choice created a visual connection between rooms, amplifying the impact of the Ottone system throughout the house.

When the renovation was complete, the apartment in St. Petersburg became a striking example of modern design combined with classical beauty. Aldo Bernardi's skill in creating a timeless lighting system made it possible to leave a distinguishable and lasting mark in a contemporary setting. The apartment now shines in a new light, while the historic details of the location are emphasized by the presence of this fascinating and functional lighting solution.

This case history demonstrates the importance of carefully selecting design elements, especially when it comes to lighting solutions. Aldo Bernardi's Ottone System gave this modern project a touch of timeless elegance, demonstrating once again how the timeless appeal of well-designed craftsmanship can blend harmoniously with contemporary innovation.

To Ms. Alja, who allowed us to publish photos of the apartment for which she personally took care of all the details, goes our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the result achieved.

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