Main features and advantages of lighting systems

Light is a real piece of furniture, able to transform spaces

A house, an office, a restaurant: every environment needs the right light to increase its value and become a source of emotion. For this reason, the definition of the right light sources, those which can enhance and improve the livability of a room, is an important challenge in a lighting project.

A lighting system is an excellent solution to decorate spaces with designer elements, creating at the same time pleasant tricks of the light.

A lighting system is a system which develops entirely on the external surface of the wall, it is an exposed lighting system. The light sources are arranged along a tailor-made path, whose dimensions depends on space availability. The light sources illuminate the most important details of the environments and don't require invasive intervention.

Which are the advantages of a surface wiring system?

The exposed lighting system is a simple and functional solution, which distinguish itself by some important features:

  • Design elements

A lighting system installed on an exterior surface allows you to give free expression to style. Conduits and fittings, completely exposed, are designed to become an integral part of the furniture, almost as if they were a piece of art. For this reason the material they are made of takes on a key role.

  • Quality materials and finishes

All ligthing systems designed by Aldo Bernardi are made of quality materials, with unique finishes and attention to every detail to enhance the entire environment and the lighting system itself. Next to the classic antiqued brass finish, for example, there is the nickel or satin nickel finish, perfect for less classic environments. Moreover, there is the Chrome finish and the Rustic Silverâ„¢ finish, with a layer of silver deposited on the surface and subsequently antiqued finished; there is the original series in white ceramic, in ceramic decorated with a colored line and in cotto ceramic.

  • Versatility

Often, during the designing of the lighting of a pre-existant space, you have to deal with building barriers. An exposed lighting system, thanks to its versatility in installation, allows you to overcome them, creating a customized project to reach even the "most difficult" points, like rounded shapes or small walls.

  • Customized solutions

Surface wiring systems are designed to meet the needs of different styles and furniture lines. Aldo Bernardi's tailor-made surface wiring systems can be made up of custom and modular elements, developed starting from the requests and the technical and aesthetic needs of the customer.

  • Simple installation

The installation of a surface wiring system is made up of simple steps. The assembly instructions allows you to perform a quick installation, easily assembling each component without the need of invasive or complex works, because the whole structure "runs" on the external surface of the wall.

The lighting systems designed and manufactured by Aldo Bernardi stand out for their original design, able to revolutionize indoor and outdoor spaces with a unique style. Moreover, the collection includes a wide section of accessories, e.g.: switches, fittings, junction boxes, pipes, etc. which allow you to give character and made every project even more special.

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