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The latest lighting trends: design and simplicity

Lighting an environment is not just about providing more light to the space, but about being able to enhance it with style and elegance.Attention to detail and finesse, paying attention to the livability of indoor spaces, are the foundations on which designers and professionals do their work. Starting from these concepts, each project develops by following or creating design trends that have the specific purpose of responding to certain needs using certain resources.

In this article, we will explore the latest trends in lighting design.


Less is more: this is the key word for those who approach the study and planning of interior design lighting. By following this guideline, designers and technicians will be able to consider certain elements, such as multifunctional lamps, not only as a source of lighting for the room, but as true furnishing and design objects.

The choice of a lamp will no longer be linked only to its function, but also to its aesthetic potential and its ability to be in harmony with its surroundings even when not in working order. So, power to minimalism, colours with not too marked tones, simple chandeliers and minimal LED light.


The same considerations can be extended to chandeliers, lighting elements that take up space and catch the eye. This is why Aldo Bernardi proposes several lines of a simple product that is in perfect harmony with current trends: a minimalist design is favoured, characterised by materials and colours that recall the essentiality of nature.
One of the distinctive trends is the preference for sustainable, 'natural' and recyclable materials such as glass and metal.

Sassmaòr is an excellent example of this. This type of pendant lamp has the power to have an aesthetic presence even when it is not lit: the simple shapes and neutral colours are ideal for enriching the room without weighing it down.
Placing simple and modern chandeliers in open spaces or spacious living areas is a creative solution to establish a balance between the elements that are on the floor and those that are suspended or attached to the walls, illuminating everything in a simple and uncluttered way.


The minimal lighting trend is not only about the shape or arrangement of lighting objects. Whether multifunctional lamps or extravagant chandeliers, their material and colour also play a key role.
Certainly monochrome colours will dominate, but not only with the classic colours white, grey and black.

Depending on the material, lighting fixtures can also enrich rooms with soft, simple colours: wood-coloured or bronze are ideal for enhancing contexts created by white, relaxed lighting, which is very useful for visual comfort.

The minimal style, already in vogue in recent years, will continue its rise this year; in fact, we are witnessing a continuous evolution of this stylistic current thanks to new suggestions and experiments.
Aldo Bernardi, by his own philosophy, knows and actively participates in this process of continuous renewal with a clear desire to continue to improve and innovate. Sometimes adapting his style to trends and at other times helping to lay the foundations for new forms of lighting.

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