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Tips for lighting your spaces

Lighting Solutions: when lighting becomes a work of art

A beam of light can change our perspective of a room and also our perception of space. Light is an essential feature of everyday life. It is important to surround ourselves with the right lighting fixtures, allowing us to fully enhance our rooms.

How can we identify the value-added features that can best express the potential of our home? The pursuit of a lighting solution that suits our needs can prove to be a long and inconclusive path, full of doubts and indecision. We can, however, follow some simple tips.

  1. Imagination. Our ideas arise from a combination of memories, perceptions and emotions. We are always looking for creative inspiration, which leads us to evaluate what springs to mind.
  2. Reality. We relate to the present and to the material essence of spaces. Furnishings and lighting stir strong emotions but they always start with material objects. We study spaces, the key features of our lighting systems. We assess colours and shapes, important parameters for defining the most appropriate style.
  3. Limits. When designing a lighting system, we also need to take our budget into consideration. We focus on the most beautiful ideas, the most exclusive pendant lamps or sconces, and evaluate them.
The solution is just the last step that helps us decide the final touch to adopt. Style and design come halfway between imagination and reality.
Aldo Bernardi has reaped the results of ongoing experimentation with new material features and innovative decorations for lighting in the new Illustri collection.

Elegant ceramic creations reveal the incredible versatility of this material and let you discover the craftsmanship of a painstaking process that enhances every detail, such as Illustri L1, the ceramic pendant lamp with a decorative luster finish for a modern touch.

Globo, an original spherical-shaped pendant lamp decorated with the luster technique, is available in a choice of colours, including: gloss and matt white, gloss and iridescent black, gold, copper and platinum.
Aldo Bernardi offers a fusion of craftsmanship and style to explore the realms of lighting with stylish design. Learn more about all our tailor-made designs to create the lighting solution based on your needs.


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