Large Chandeliers, Decorating with Light


Oversized chandeliers for furnishing with light, Aldo Bernardi models

A variety of lighting accessories can be used to furnish and illuminate interior spaces. Historically, to provide light to rooms, especially the larger ones, people have used tools with a definite aesthetic impact, such as chandeliers.

Regardless of its shape or material, this type of lamp, especially if it is of considerable size, is a solution for illumination that characterizes and sets the tone for the rooms in which it is placed.
A chandelier not only illuminates, it is also capable of adding emotion, personality and shade to the ambiance, just like a piece of furniture.

Despite a wide and deep-rooted use in domestic interiors, big chandeliers can do a great job in many places that accommodate customers and visitors such as restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.
This is because, the unquestionable quality of this tool lies in its ability to be very versatile and appropriate for all rooms that need diffuse and homogeneous lighting.


Large chandeliers can be applied in many different situations, characterized, however, by the presence of a sufficiently high-rise room. It follows from this that the ideal space for a chandelier is a structure that has a vaulted ceiling, a large staircase area or a spacious veranda.

Particularly in commercial premises, where the intensity and spread of light play a key role, the chandelier is essential to ensure optimum ambient lighting.
The most important aim, in these cases, is to try to create a good combination of design and functionality, so as to ensure excellent visual comfort for the customer, accompanying them within the spaces of the room.

In the household, as well as for commercial environments, the discriminating element during the choice of these lighting elements, is the height of the ceiling.

Whether it is a living room, a kitchen, a living area or a veranda, the presence of a pendant chandelier provides style and uniqueness to the space. When choosing, however, the size and the degree of consistency and uniformity of the light source with the surrounding environment should not be ignored.

A living room, for example, needs widespread and well-thought-out lighting that can enhance the whole area, from the furniture choices to the arrangement of the furniture. For this reason, the chandelier in the living room plays a starring role, capable of capturing attention but at the same time making the whole context stand out.

Analogously, a chandelier in the kitchen, coordinated with the furniture, allows you to create an ideal atmosphere to support moments of conviviality.
Considering that this tool is the primary source of lighting in the room, its ideal location is at the table or island, so as to define the focal point of the place.

It often happens that kitchen and living room are connected or even part of the same open space. In these cases, it is recommended to rely on coordinated chandeliers and lamps. Choosing not to maintain stylistic continuity would risk disrupting the overall view of the room.


In addition to the type of lighting, when choosing a chandelier you should also have an eye for shape and color.

Definitely, a chandelier with a classic style is marked by cold colors and features related to materials such as dark metal, painted metal or glass.
Regarding a more modern choice with a more geometric, rounded and linear shape, the typical peculiarities of this option are lightness and shine, typical of lacquered wood or light metal.

Big chandeliers in accordance with the style, modern, classic or rustic, appear in different shapes, colors and shades.
However, one characteristic they all have in common: the importance they have within the ambience in which they are placed.
By its presence, a chandelier provides the room with more than just lighting; it gives the space a unique character and tone.

Choosing the right lighting systems is the first step in ensuring your rooms are stylish and unrivaled. Want to illuminate your home or venue with large chandeliers?
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