Modern lamps for interior environments


Modern style lamps for interior lighting

Modern lamps for interior environments

The lighting of a space can transform its identity, enhancing it with strong contrasts or simple beauty. As an accessory combined with clothing, even the right lighting system can improve a room, a living room, an open space.

If you are looking for the right lighting for your environment, think first to the main style you want to give to your interior spaces: classic, traditional, modern or contemporary. Let us dwell on the modern style. The creation of lamps with a contemporary style takes into consideration some main characteristics, which define not only the design, but also the final effect of the lamp: colour, shape, material. Aldo Bernardi’s modern lamps are processed according to special techniques, which allow each raw material to express itself in the best possible way.

Ceramics designer lamps

Aldo Bernardi's collections of modern designer lamps are declined in various models characterised by eclectic and innovative shapes. Illustri collection is made of ceramic, a very simple raw material which can be transformed into elegant and refined forms of light. In the Illustri collection the typical whiteness of ceramics is rediscovered in iridescent and glossy colours, thanks to the special processing of the luster technique.

Modern lamps in brass

Contemporary design lamps explore new materials or revisit ancient raw materials like brass. Take for example into consideration Moonlight. An hemispherical steel large pendant lamps of glimmering impression. The inner surface of the suspension lamp is decorated with delicate gold, silver or copper leaf insert which is then varnished with shellac.

Designer modern lamps

Let’s discover Halley: a modern lamp with a unique contemporary style. It has a special shape, that reminds that of the famous comet during its journey into space. This suspension lamp is characterised by an hypermodern design, with a steel structure enriched by decorative resin elements of different colours.

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