Lighting a blind bathroom


Lighting for a blind bathroom: how to replace natural light

Lighting a room, whether it is the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom, is an activity that needs very careful study and planning. This initial moment of analysis is fundamental to guarantee an appropriate amount of light, ensuring liveability and safety.

Choosing and installing the correct lighting system provides an ideal balance between natural and artificial light, thus promoting optimal visual comfort.
Depending on the room and its function, when arranging the lighting, it is important to know when and how natural light can enter during daylight hours; for this reason it is necessary to know or plan the layout of windows or doors.

These are just some of the many aspects to be taken into consideration. Certainly, knowing these factors, it is possible to integrate artificial lighting elements in the rooms that support both the aesthetic and functional side.


How to proceed in the case of a room that does not have proper entrances for light from outside? Let us take a windowless bathroom as an example. The blind bathroom is a room that does not receive, or at least not directly, natural light. In order to compensate for this deficiency, artificial lighting becomes essential.

In this space, the light that is created should be bright and evenly diffused. To accomplish this, designers and professionals prefer the installation of elements that provide general brightness, illuminating the whole room: spotlights, wall lights, ceiling lights, recessed lights behind the mirror, all these options are particularly suitable, especially when combined with LED technology.

Due to the absence of natural light, the light spread by the ceiling plays a very important role. Adjustable spotlights and built-in lights allow us to provide the blind bathroom with excellent lighting; simply install them in the ceiling to obtain uniform light throughout the room.

Once the light and the tools to provide it have been determined, we move on to the choice of strategic lighting points within the bathroom. The location of these is crucial in the case of a blind bathroom, especially if it is also not very spacious. A winning tactic comes from the combination of simple, minimalist furniture and intense, extensive lighting. In this context, tools such as wall lights can be valuable allies. To 'widen' the room, you can decide to install wall lights on the two walls closest to the entrance, giving the impression that the bathroom is larger.


As mentioned before, the ideal light for this type of room is purely bright; in fact, the use of the colour white is the most effective method of ensuring high luminosity. This does not only apply to the tone of the lighting. Aiming for white is also the right choice when it comes to the colouring of walls or furniture elements.

Clearly a bit of colour is always needed; inserting a few wooden details would help improve the aesthetics of the windowless bathroom.

Regardless of the type of light chosen and the type of holder that radiates it, LED bulbs are always a successful option; they are very versatile, being able to spread light of different colours and intensities, depending on the design or taste. One can install bulbs that generate white light, and therefore cool, or yellow, and warmer, or a shade in between. In addition, this type of bulb reduces consumption and costs, which is no minor issue in this day and age, providing optimal lighting for a low demand.

An interesting detail: LED lights do not require a start-up time, which is ideal for a room such as a bathroom - especially a blind one - that needs immediate lighting. As explained above, each room in the house needs a minimum amount of light - preferably from natural sources - to make the space livable.
The blind bathroom, given this premise, is a special case and, as such, requires some dedicated measures.

Aldo Bernardi is well aware of these situations and, also for this reason, designs and manufactures products that can be inserted in several contexts, guaranteeing visual well-being and harmony.

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