Brass designer lighting systems


Enlighten indoor and outdoor spaces with a lamp in aged brass

Brass designer lighting systems

The furnishing of an interior space must connect many voices and be able to unite different aspects. The taste and style of those who will live the spaces, the purpose of use of the environment and, no less important, the shape of the room and its position inside the building are points to consider already in the design phase. When we think about furniture, we are talking about a set of elements, styles and lines that coexist in the same space and contribute to giving it beauty, uniqueness and emotion, the kind we experience every time we enter our rooms.

Lighting is a very important element in furnishing. Choosing a lighting system, a suspension or a wall light can change the atmosphere of an environment and influence not only the outward appearance, but also our feelings. The raw material used for the construction of lighting fixtures acquires a unique value.

Think, for example,about brass. How can it change from raw material to an original form of lighting? Aldo Bernardi's challenge was to transform an apparently simple material like brass into a material suitable for the realization of incredible light containers.

Applique, lamps, brass suspensions are part of the collection: Gli Ottoni. A journey to discover the unique warmth that this material can infuse into an environment, modelled in a varied range of shapes and sizes. The processing of brass for the realization of design lighting systems is divided into four main phases:

  • melting the brass in “crucibles” at a temperature of 1,000°C
  • pouring the brass into special moulds from the crucible
  • extraction of the piece from the mould when cooled
  • cleaning of impurities

Alongside these phases, it is possible to combine another process: spinning, which consists of a sheet metal deformation process to obtain a rounded product.

The brass used for the realization of the lighting fixtures is also aged with the use of particular products that accelerate the natural oxidation of the alloy, an action that then continues over time thanks to the different components present in the air. Let's have a look at some examples of suspensions and lighting systems in aged:

Mulino. Indoor suspension lamps in antique brass with "hook" or chain support and antique brass channels.

La Traviata. Outdoor brass lamp with aged copper reflector, transparent tempered glass diffuser, antique brass arm. The union of more materials in a style agreement.

Civetta. Line of fixed appliances and surface electrical installation, refined combinations sought for different spaces and contexts.

Suspensions and applique lamps in antique brass can also become elements for outdoor lighting, because brass thus worked becomes weatherproof. This allows to obtain a particular finish, designed to furnish modern spaces or enhance more rustic and traditional settings.

The beauty of brass can enrich your environments too. Contact us to discover more details about our lamps or request the catalogues to have more technical details and settings of these precious lighting tools. If you are thinking about a project, you can compare yourself with our inside technical department: you will have the opportunity to study together the best solution to illuminate your spaces.


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