Civetta - Suspension Brass Lamp

Materials: Brass
Plug: E.27
Type: Suspensions

The “CIVETTA”, as well as fixed appliances, features new andoriginal lighting fixtures that complement and integrate the surface mounted conduit system presented from page 214 to page 239 of the catalogue. The core element, and integral part of the new “Civetta” product line, is “multi-ap”, which stands for multi application. Taking “multi-ap” as our starting point each time, we can create numerous different new combinations of hanging lights, wall fixtures or spots incorporating a number of lights to meet the Customer’s individual demands or restrictions imposed by the space where they are to be installed. It makes an excellent solution for exposed brick or stone walls or for rooms where light is a
problem due to insufficient light sources. It makes an attractive addition to any room, setting off the wall it is installed on, and indeed the whole interior, as these pictures show.

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