D'Epoca - Brass Lamps

Materials: Brass Glass
Plug: E.27
Type: Applique

The "D'Epoca" line is a collection of lamps that expresses the charm of the past through the use of fine materials and classic design.
Each piece is made entirely of brass, with a base and arm that are subsequently antiqued to impart a timeless elegance. The shiny milk-white glass diffuser diffuses a warm, enveloping light, creating a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.

Wall sconces in the "D'Epoca" line are carefully designed to offer maximum functionality. The light is adjustable, allowing the beam to be directed where it is most needed, whether to highlight a work of art, illuminate a reading nook or add a touch of light to an entryway. This flexibility makes these fixtures ideal for any setting, providing accent lighting or soft light to create a pleasant atmosphere of understated elegance.

The wall sconces in the "D'Epoca" line blend seamlessly into a variety of settings, from entryways to living rooms, adding a touch of vintage charm that enhances interiors with refined, atmospheric light. Antique brass gives the pieces a unique character, while shiny milk-white glass ensures even light distribution.

The "D'Epoca" line is not only a practical and versatile lighting solution, but also a significant aesthetic addition to any space. The classic design blends harmoniously with both modern and traditional furnishings, offering a light source that combines functionality and style.

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