Italian design on London rooftops

A collaboration that flourishes on light and inspiration

In a world where lighting is seen not as mere function but as an art form, Lightingspiration emerges as a lighthouse of uncompromising creativity and quality.

Founded with the aim of combining lighting and inspiration into a single entity, Nick Galea and Laura Proctor's company positions itself as a specialist in decorative lighting, offering unique lighting solutions in the hospitality, residential and commercial sectors.

In addition, Lightingspiration represents Aldo Bernardi in the UK and Ireland as exclusive distributor, pursuing the goal of sharing Aldo Bernardi's handcrafted, unique and high quality designs with customers.


Lightingspiration and its commitment to light design

One of the most significant projects handled by Lightingspiration was developed with The Lighting Asylum, a dynamic lighting design studio based in London. It has considerable experience in the creation and execution of high quality lighting projects, from large commercial projects to private residences.

For the realisation of a major design project, centred around a rooftop terrace in central London, the Pasdedeux system was chosen to add appeal and charm to a large and prominent brick wall.

The system for this particular project was made up of the P2 (130mm diameter) Pasdedeux Wall Lamp with dark bronze conduit at standard & custom lengths to create the amazing outdoor lighting feature on the rooftop wall. Aldo Bernardi also offers a larger size (P5) within this collection, alongside different front plate cover designs.

The soft, subtle lighting effect created by this choice enhanced the historic wall and foliage. It is important to emphasise how the modularity of the system offered flexibility in the realisation, adapting to the dimensions of the space

The principal lighting designer, The Lighting Asylum, confirmed "It's a product which really stood out due to its blend of industrial-meets-heritage and we were thrilled this opportunity came up to use it!"


What are the advantages of installing Aldo Bernardi's products

As an expert and leading light in the industry, Lightingspiration emphasises that its customers are always looking for unique, yet high quality lighting. After five years of collaboration with Aldo Bernardi and experiencing first-hand - at the headquarters in Treviso, Italy - Aldo Bernardi's great craftsmanship knowledge, one understands the passion, great quality and attention to detail dedicated to the production of all his products.

“From a bespoke production point of view, the Aldo Bernardi team are always open to suggestions from ourselves & clients alike, finding a solution for custom designs, whilst retaining the high-standard of production"

Current trends in the UK

As a company operating in an ever-changing and developing industry, Lightingspiration recognises that the current trend in the UK sees a continued preference for nature-inspired lighting, with biophilic design playing an increasingly important role. In addition, the use of sustainable materials such as rattan allows customers to connect the indoors and outdoors, enhancing well-being.

There has also been a significant increase in the use of ceramic lighting fixtures, which is particularly noticeable in hotel projects, where a mix of tradition and modern style is sought. The Mansarda ceiling lamp by Aldo Bernardi is increasingly popular, with its hand-painted base with blue patterns lending authenticity to the space.

Finally, there is an increased focus by residential customers on outdoor lighting: this attention to aesthetics through lighting is particularly evident during the summer months, when longer evenings invite people to spend more time outdoors.

Thanks to the continuous search for innovative solutions and the uncompromising quality that Aldo Bernardi embodies, Lightingspiration is confident that it will continue to shape bright and inspired projects in the UK and Ireland with passion and dedication.

Do you want to use Aldo Bernardi's light creations in your design project?