Electric bollard

Electric power pole

Materials: Brass
Type: Pole or outdoor pole

The line of electrified outdoor bollards provides a practical and versatile solution for lighting and powering outdoor spaces such as gardens, yards and driveways. Each stake is carefully designed to provide a reliable source of electricity, along with a solid construction that withstands weather and outdoor conditions.

These electrified stakes feature a 16A-6H receptacle, making it easy to plug in and use a variety of outdoor electrical appliances, such as garden lights, decorative lamps, gardening power tools and more. The socket is designed to ensure a secure and stable connection, reliably providing power when and where you need it.

To anchor the stake on lawn or soft ground, there is an optional accessory called INT.M, which must be ordered separately. This accessory provides additional stability to the stake, keeping it firmly anchored to the ground even in windy or other adverse weather conditions.

The line of electrified outdoor posts offers a reliable solution for outdoor lighting and power, allowing you to create a welcoming and functional environment in your outdoor spaces. With their combination of practicality, safety and durability, these posts are an ideal choice for those looking for a way to fully enjoy their garden or outdoor space, both day and night.

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