Clematide - Outdoor Brass Lamps

Materials: Brass
Plug: E.27
Type: Outdoor lampSuspensions

The Clematide line of outdoor brass lamps is the epitome of elegance and practicality, offering sophisticated lighting that adds a touch of class to any outdoor setting. Each lamp is designed to withstand the elements and weather, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance even in the most adverse conditions.

These pendant lamps are perfect for illuminating patios, terraces, gardens and other outdoor areas, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere even after dark. Their brass construction, reinforced to withstand corrosive agents, provides a solid, durable base to rely on in any outdoor environment.

Clematide lamps feature three lights, evenly distributed to provide optimal illumination throughout the surrounding area. Copper reflectors add a warm, rustic touch to the overall design, creating a charming contrast to the brass of the structure.

With their brass supports and copper reflectors, these lamps are a charming addition to any outdoor space, adding not only light but also character and style. Their fixed height makes them ideal for illuminating both large open spaces and more collected, intimate areas, offering flexibility and efficiency in any setting.

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