Designing lighting


Surface Wiring Systems

Lighting systems for indoor and outdoor environments

We close our eyes and, even though we have not yet established how, we already know what our goal will be: to provide light. When designing your spaces, you always need to take into account a key element: lighting. Every single accessory we choose as part of our furnishings is highlighted by the right amount of light in order to define important shapes and make them stand out, representing the character and spirit of those who furnish.

Lighting not only comprises objects but also a full-blown system designed to guarantee both functionality and style. In this new catalogue, Aldo Bernardi presents a wide range of accessories that allow you to create a surface wiring system. It includes a collection of connections, switches, junction boxes, accessories, structures and trunking, where you can run cables to create surface wiring systems with exclusive details.

Each light point is connected by distinctive details that express the elegance of Aldo Bernardi's unique style. Therefore the braid wiring system acquires new functionality, reintroducing ancient traditions with all the quality and safety of modern systems. A simple example of the many possible applications.

Lighting systems can be combined with various models of lamps and sconces by Aldo Bernardi. They are made of original materials and developed thanks to specific research, for example, white and "cotto" ceramic, brass, antique brass and rustic silver.

We can design a new lighting solution with you, creating a tailor-made system starting with your needs and inspirations. From lights to details, you can discover all Aldo Bernardi ideas and lighting systems.


Imagine, find your inspiration and furnish with Aldo Bernardi lighting creations. Request the digital catalogue