Lighting using a surface-mounted wiring system


Enlighten using surface-mounted wiring systems

Lighting your space using a surface-mounted wiring system

Light is essential to our lives, which is why the choice of lighting we use in our spaces – whether home, office or recreational – is of such great importance. These choices should not depend solely on our spaces’ structural requirements, because lighting has an impact on our emotions and our moods, while in work environments it can improve productivity and enhance our ability to learn. We are accustomed to thinking about our lighting systems as wires hidden inside our buildings’ walls, but what if we choose instead to use a surface-mounted wiring system? There are various creative options to choose from depending on the space to be lit, without necessarily having to opt for the classic hanging fixture in the centre of the ceiling or traditional floor lamps. If you have decided to revolutionise your home, it’s time to start looking at things in a different light. What follows are 4 recommendations for choosing the right surface-mounted wiring system for you, based on the space you wish to light and your style preferences.

  1. Size. The first thing to consider when choosing the right system is the size of the space you wish to light. If we are looking, for instance, at a spacious room with a very high ceiling, we recommend you choose a simple, linear system that makes it possible to install spotlights in several different points, so as to provide an accent for the walls and ceiling.
  2. The right spot. People often make the mistake of choosing a single light fixture and positioning it on the ceiling, but this does not enhance the atmosphere or emphasise the walls, which remain in shadow. An artfully designed wall-mounted wiring system can breathe new life into a room. Our “I Rombi” lighting system casts a diffused light that softens shadows and degrees of contrast, making it ideal for the areas of a home intended for relaxation. Furthermore, it is a work of art, whose presence can embellish a spare environment and lend it just the right modern touch.
  3. Functionality. A focus on the aesthetic aspect is important, because furnishing our homes allows us to express ourselves and our personal style. Nonetheless, when choosing our lighting, we must put functionality first. Every space must be properly lit and the spots where we position our light sources must guarantee that light is evenly diffused throughout. The braid system is the surface-mounted wiring system most well-suited to this purpose, since it can easily be adapted for use in different modular arrangements.
  4. Colour. The popularity of the modern furnishing style – with its sharp lines, clean edges and predominance of white – continues to grow. Choosing the right embellishments is, therefore, extremely important and, in cases such as these, a touch of colour can make all the difference.
Among the collections created by Aldo Bernardi, you can find ones that focus on providing lighting systems inclusive of switches, connectors, junction boxes, and conduits through which to run your wires, making it possible to create a surface-mounted wiring system on which to install the Aldo Bernardi light fixtures or sconces of your choice. If you are looking for a system tailored to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can determine the lighting solution that best fits your space.


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