Retail Store Lighting: 3 original Examples


Enlighten your retail store creating the perfect atmosphere

Retail Store Lighting: 3 original Examples

Set up the right lighting in your retail store can be a useful help in your sale process. Choosing the right element and places to enlighten your environment can create the perfect atmosphere of a pleasant meeting between salesperson and customer, to the discovery of the perfect product. How many times have you walked into a bad enlightened retail store, where also the most beautiful products weren't enhanced enough with the right lighting and didn't catch customer's interest?

Surface wiring systems

Surface wiring systems allows to fully use the spaces of your exhibition area, designing a light suitable for your context, the room (shelves, consoles, desks), and the product. Depending on your goods it is necessary choosing a different lighting. Make an impression on our customer, driving it in a path to the discovery of the goods we can offer him.

What is a surface wiring system?

A surface wiring system is a branched structure consisting of two main elements: a light element and an organised assembly of accessories, including conduits and fittings. One of the advantages of this kind of lighting is that it doesn't need any invasive work for its installation, because the electrical wiring is run inside a conduit installed on the surfaces. There is a wide range of surface wiring systems, having different sizes and shapes. We introduce you three different examples of surface lighting systems.

1. Graphic Lighting System

A lighting system consisting of a composition of spot and conduits 8mm. diam. The spot includes a base in antique brass or chrome and a ceramic lamp holder glossy white or glossy black finishing. It can be used as a single spot or with multiple spots. Conduits are produced in 3 different shapes and are available in the same finishings of the spot. An elegant solution with a wide range of finishes, suitable also to modern contexts.

2. Surface Lighting System “Civetta Multi Ap”

Series of pendant lamps, spotlights and applique in aged brass finishing. The core of the system is the "multi-ap", a connector for multiple application, that allows to connect one of more light points: from one to three. Spotlights, with different forms and dimensions can be directed to provide the best lighting enhancing the goods. This lighting system can be applied to a beamed ceiling, giving a stylish touch to the whole environment.

3. "Ibrid" Lighting System

It is a system consisting of one or more suspensions connected by cotton coloured cable: blue, yellow, black, white and red. The suspension consists of a base with hook in aged brass and a ceramic lamp holder available in glossy white or colored line finishing. An extremely simple element, where the product becomes a functional furnishing element.

Are you designing your retail store's lighting? Design a solution that can enhance not only your goods, but also your exhibition premises. Contact us to discover our lighting systems. We can design together, step by step the solution to set up the best lighting for your retail store.


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