Matrioške, Bolle and Cipolle Lamps


New creations Aldo Bernardi

Matrioške, Bolle and Cipolle: new light in Aldo Bernardi creations

There is something new in the air. Finally, sparkling like Spring, the new designer creations by Aldo Bernardi come. Three new suggestions and ideas, to enlighten with an artistic element that becomes furnishing idea.

Matrioške, Bolle and Cipolle have evocative names that recall simple designer creations with a great aesthetic effect. In these suspension lamps an accord of shapes plays with innovative shimmering colours, where light is the exclusive protagonist. The new collections signed by Aldo Bernardi reveal the wish to join round shapes to the exclusive luster technique. The effects of gold, copper and platinum are mixed with the beauty of coloured matt glazes to get a vintage effect, where lighting becomes a furnishing element.

Matrioške, represent details from the tradition transformed into furnishing elements. The shape of these suspension lamps reminds the traditional dolls typical of the popular tradition of Russian area, both in the entire and in the half models. The surface, processed with the luster technique, is characterised by a particular perforation process which softens the structure's impact and shapes the projection of the light, in a cotinuous bright embroidery, inside fashion context and mood.

Bolle, an ashlared effect that grabs light effects suggesting strong shades that excite. The round shape, a staggered sphere, highlights these effects while the downward light is reflected inside the room. Bolle offers the enchantement, half way between charm and emotion.

Cipolle, unique shapes, unmistakable design. Round flattened shape, as to represent an ellipse, where light powerfully emerge. A ceramic suspension lamp, characterised by a wide range of available finishings: white or black, both glossy or matt, copper metal and iridescent black, platinum, gold and copper. Cipolle is the new collection by Aldo Bernardi that is included in a product line with a modern, inspiring and captivating design.

The first step to open your spaces to the beauty of these new collections is be moved by their simple style, that recalls traditional shapes, giving them a new character. The atmosphere is now richer with Matrioške, Bolle and Cipolle, creation that give new answers to many different lighting desires.

Introducing the new collection Bolle:


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