Aldo Bernardi New Product Catalogue

Aldo Bernardi New Product Catalogue

At Euroluce 2019, the International Lighting Exhibition, Aldo Bernardi displayed his new creations for the lighting of interior and exterior spaces. It was a unique moment to disclose a preview of the new collections of lamps and lighting systems, applique and suspension lamps and make them admire to the careful visitors, always searching for the latest news and trends.

All the new lighting creations, collected in the new catalogue, come from Aldo Bernardi's creative ideas and in each of them it is possibile to find the passion for the beauty, coming from the search and experimentation of new shapes and materials. In every lighting creation there is not only the genuineness, the craftsmanship and the manufacture, but also the wish to continually reinvent and give continuity to a forty years old experience in the field of design and creation of suspension lamps, applique and lighting systems.

In these new collections the protagonists are unique lamps, characterised by captivating shapes, embellished by new designer golden, platinum and copper finishings. These lighting solutions transform themselves into furnishings accessories and are the perfect elements to give character and a touch of originality to every environment, joining functionality and design.

The new catalogue Aldo Bernardi strikes for the organisational revolution of the products, that are now arranged into the 4 main classifications: Interior, Classic, Systems and Exterior.

  • Interior: creations characterised by the authenticity of the big shaped designer suspension lamps, like Lustrini, Guinguette, Fate and Fruits;
  • Classic: traditional style lamps and suspension lamps, which discloses their authentic beauty and the peculiarity of the material used for their production: ceramic, aged brass or glass;
  • Systems: surface wiring systems for interior spaces, characterised by special finishings, designer materials and unique shapes, also modular;
  • Exterior: applique, wall lamps and lamps for the outdoor lighting made with refined materials for a unique designer effect.

The catalogue introduces the main technical and designing features of the lamps and it is enriched by product photos and contextualised images to offer an overview of the furnishing suggestions. The catalogue is an open book, where each chapter is a lighting tale with a fascinating shape. To discover the new Aldo Bernardi Catalogue, send your request to our team.

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