Lighting solutions for a restored space

How to design lighting solutions for a restored space?

Design a lighting solution for a restored place

Restoring phase is an important moment in the history of an environment because the desire for change must often be subject to strict rules imposed by prior spaces. How can you combine a wish for novelty with your structure and spaces?

When building renovation involves also lighting systems, you have to take into consideration some important elements. In the following post we have collected 4 questions to ask you while choosing a new lighting system.

  1. Which room is the protagonist of your renovation? Taking into consideration a house, every room is devoted to a particular activity and needs a proper lighting solution. If we deal with a professional space (office, waiting room, study), lighting follows specific rules defined to make a workplace more comfortable.
  2. Which material do you prefer? Nowadays lighting industry offers a wide range of materials for lighting applications. We have a wide choice at our disposal: from glass to ceramic, brass and copper. Each of these materials offers a different feeling, which should perfectly combine the surrounding environment to the sensations we want to convey.
  3. What kind of solution do you prefer? We are often limited by the morphology of the environment as far as the choice of lighting systems. When it's not possible to make a significant change, surface lighting system can be the ideal solution. A surface lighting system takes advantage of the existing electrification spots and doesn't require an invasive intervention as traditional systems do.
  4. What size does your room have? A renovation can totally change the aspect of your environment. For this reason it's necessary to know the dimensions of the environment, to carefully define which points need to be illuminated. It will be easier to choose among suspension lamps, floor lamps or an original surface wiring system, which extends and branches along walls or ceiling reaching even the darkest corners of the room.

Are you looking for new solutions to enlighten a renovated space? We can help you to design the lighting for your indoor spaces, providing you customised solutions. Contact us for further information. If you have already developed your own design project, our inside technical office can support you and find the right solution to satisfy your needs.


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