How to enlighten a wooden ceiling

Customizable lighting system for wooden ceiling

How to enlighten a wooden ceiling

Lighting can be the added value of every environment, for this reason the study of the right lighting system is the winning move of a furnishing project. For the designing of a lighting system it is necessary take into consideration many aspects, including not only morphology and space structure, but also position and context. The ceiling is an architectural element, that can influence the choice of the right lighting system.

How can you design the lighting of a wooden ceiling?

The ceiling of a room, an arcade or a gallery can't be a limit, but an inspiration, for the designing of an original lighting project. One of the biggest hurdles is choosing a lighting system that perfectly integrates with an already existing ceiling, for example an old farmstead, a basement, or a renovate mansard or an outdoor portico. A lighting system can also be the solution to give a touch of uniqueness to a new building.

Solutions to enlighten a room with a beamed ceiling

The surface wiring system is the practical and functional solution to enlighten a room with a wooden ceiling, giving an exclusive aesthetics to the environment.

Technical advantages of a lighting system

Surface wiring systems can be designed starting from a unique electrification point, avoiding an invasive work on surfaces and walls of the involved area, in particular with buildings having a high historical and artistic value to preserve. Surface mounted wiring are made of switches, fittings and brackets, junction boxes, pipes and conduits, where electrical wiring is run inside to create exclusive surface wiring systems. A surface mounted wiring system is suitable for interior and outdoor spaces, a plus that has not to be underestimate when trying to have a uniform lighting furnishing.

Aesthetic advantages of a surface mounted wiring system

The process of enlighten a wooden ceiling becomes easier. A functional solution which can aesthetically enhance the beauty of wooden and of its natural grains, identifying the better position and height to place every lighting source. Surface lighting systems allow you to draw a lighting path, defined light and shadow, depending on the precise function of a room.

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