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Enlightening the living room: how to make the proper choice to best value it

We start by making an introduction: the living room plays a very important role in our home, not only for the time we spend in this room: when we are waiting for our guests the living room becomes the perfect location to entertain them.
The choice of the furniture, chairs, decorative accessories and colours are all basics elements to take into consideration while furnishing your house as well as the choice of the lighting. Material, shape and colour have to adapt to the mood and to completely become part of it, without term.

Country style living room: tips to enlighten
For a country style living room it is extremely important the choice of both the accessories and the furnishing elements: carpets, ornaments, lamps and lighting fixtures can actually give a defined soul to our room. Not to risk to give our living room a very country aspect, we have to pay attention to the colour choice and enlighten them in the right way.
Wood is for sure a prevalent element if you chose country style: which could be the best combination for the lamps if not brass?
This is an example of living room for sure with more space than the common ones, however it is clearly distinctive the rendering of the effect wood brass.

Modern style living room: tips to enlighten
To embrace a more modern style, with bright and bold colours, we suggest you some ideas that could help you giving an out and out character to your room: a characterisation that you feel yours, that belongs to you.
If you like a minimal style that includes a lot of details: a lamp that not only enlighten, but also plays a real role in the mood of your living room. Opaque and bold colours or glossy and bright nuances, specific shapes suitable to every environment.
If you like daring with a furnishing style which breaks the rules.
The lamp in the photo is Sauvignon: it is a very stylish creation, just for authentic brave people!
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