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Solutions to enlighten your home

Ceramic Lamps to enlighten your home

Are you familiar with ceramic? A simple, yet high quality material in which the beauty of the times and the value of craftsmanship are brought together. Ceramic processing lends itself to the creation of unique works of art, uniting tradition with modernity and which are then translated into functional furnishings of special design.

Aldo Bernardi has chosen ceramic as the raw material for several of his lighting solutions: the ancient art and a respect for a process with an artisanal character incorporates the use of advanced technology, without overlooking the individuality of the product.

How is a ceramic lamp produced?
How is a simple ceramic lamp able to illuminate and furnish an interior space? The magic lies in the way the material ingredients are processed. A mixture of water and clay is laid on a plaster structure, a special mould which will give the lamp its first shape, still in its rough form. The excess clay is removed and after drying, the product takes shape and is extracted. The trimming process begins, the imperfections are removed and the piece is then cleaned with a sponge and water. The final result is a polished object, which will then be dried and sintered for the first time.

Ceramic lamps: from the mould to the final product
The ceramic is now ready for final processing which sees the custom trimming, handcrafted decorations and the application of accessories and technical details. The final effect is moving. The transparency and the luminosity which are revealed in these creations are all qualities to be discovered. The light spreads out with a soft elegance within the internal spaces and is captured by the harmony which the lamps and the lighting systems are able to produce.

The ceramic creations realised by Aldo Bernardi are available in a range of products, several of which are also suitable for exterior environments.
The search for the proper lighting solution is an essential process, upon which successful interior design may depend. Get to know the solutions offered by Aldo Bernardi, contact us to discover how a solution can be developed and tailored to fit your needs.


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