Aldo Bernardi and Lightingspiration: together for a unique design


Lightingspiration, a passion for quality lighting

Lightingspiration, a company based in Lancashire (UK) active in the field of lighting design, has chosen Aldo Bernardi’s designer creations for its lighting projects. One of the projects developed by Lightingspiration with Aldo Bernardi creation is: "The Drapery"-Project developed by Nick Galea with My Moons - Kingston Upon Thames - UK .

Lightingspiration (Lighting & Inspiration, together) was founded in 2018 by Nick Galea, a professional agent in the field of lighting design, with over 10 years of experience in contact with numerous companies active in this sector throughout Europe. Lightingspiration addresses architects, interior designers and lighting designers and its main objective is to bring innovation, ideas and inspiration. Lightingspiration deals with lighting projects for residential and commercial environments, paying particular attention to quality, inspiration and beauty.

I travelled around the world attending many trade fairs and meeting several manufacturers on a mission to find quality, inspiring lighting brands who offer something different, with the idea of being able to bring their products to a wider audience in the UK.

Nick Galea, Lightingspiration Founder

The collaboration with Aldo Bernardi

The collaboration between Aldo Bernardi and Lightingspiration starts in 2019. After a first meeting between Aldo Bernardi and the founder of Lightingspiration, Nick Galea, during Euroluce 2019 (Salone del Mobile), Nick is invited to get to know the creations, the company and the production processes in Aldo Bernardi and since then the collaboration path started.

The projects curated by Lightingspiration

Lighting systems are some of the most innovative solutions chosen by Lightingspiration for the lighting projects developed for its customers.


Which solutions did you find in Aldo Bernardi?

Aldo Bernardi lighting systems are creations with a unique design, made with special and tailor-made finishes, designed to meet customers’ different styles. Aldo Bernardi lighting systems are modular and customizable products, which allow designers and architects to experiment with creative freedom, identifying tailor-made solutions, perfect for each individual project.

What makes Aldo Bernardi different from other brands?

Aldo Bernardi specialises in aged brass and ceramic lighting solutions. The designer products made by Aldo Bernardi are incredibly special and the production is positioned at a very high level. With a very wide selection of items (over 3,000), Aldo Bernardi is able to mix traditional and modern design, for indoor and outdoor environments, in creations entirely Made in Italy.

What are the current trends in the UK according to Lightingspiration?

This year, certainly since pandemic, there has been a big shift in the type of projects we are working on towards residential projects from commercial and hospitality projects - says Nick Galea. [...] We are all encouraged to work more from home and to only leave the house when necessary [...] and this is forcing us to think more about how we can improve the spaces we live in to feel more comfortable. Of course, one very important and relatively easy way to do this is to improve the lighting!

What are the current lighting trends in the UK?

In terms of trends in the UK at the moment, these can vary greatly depending on the designer, client and project. I personally find that most of my clients are looking for something different and unique using only the highest quality materials and production techniques - continues Nick Galea. They want quality, expertly made products, quite often with customisation to perfectly fit their space. Thankfully, Aldo Bernardi are flexible in allowing their range to be modified to the specific needs of my clients. They continue to exceed all demands and expectations I look forward to continuing my partnership with them, for many years to come!

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