Aldo Bernardi at Euroluce 2023

Euroluce 2023 is one of the most important events in the lighting industry, a unique opportunity to meet manufacturers, designers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

In this exhibition Aldo Bernardi, as it has already done in previous editions, will have the opportunity to present its high quality lighting creations, but also to communicate the values that guide the company and distinguish it on the market.

One of Aldo Bernardi's values can be found in the attention to details, which is evident at every stage of the company's production process, from the choice of the materials to the processing techniques.


The craftsmanship approach is based first and foremost on the valorization of Italian cultural heritage and traditions, factors that represent the very soul of Made in Italy.

From this perspective, Aldo Bernardi is an excellent representative of this "brand," which is embodied through the selection of simple but high quality materials, such as copper, wrought iron, and blown glass, and the use of processing techniques that require great expertise and patience. All these concepts are condensed and fully represented by the logo created especially for the event.

Aldo Bernardi's Made in Italy is also compounded by a high creative value, which is expressed in the pursuit of original shapes and lines, capable of giving lighting elements a timeless elegance.

The company is always looking forward to new challenges and new horizons, without ever forgetting its roots and identity; in fact, creating top quality lighting is an art that requires great passion.

For this reason, nothing is more inspiring to Aldo Bernardi than to put his hands to work and use all the tools of the craft, such as brushes and spatulas, templates and gauges, to shape clay and create his collections. This dedication to craftsmanship not only makes it possible to produce valuable lamps and lighting systems but is also an attitude that is preserved and promoted.


In this setting, Aldo Bernardi's participation at Euroluce 2023 takes on a special meaning. In fact, the company invites visitors to its stand (Hall 9, stand no. 137) to discover up close and touch its ""know-how" through the observation of its products and the opportunity to discuss them with those who designed and made them. Each guest will have the opportunity to have a preview of the new collections, consisting of both unreleased products and reinterpretations of well-known items.

This is an ideal opportunity to see that the beautiful and the well-made are still the mainsprings of corporate knowledge, made up of humbleness and dignity, which combines function and form, structure and energy, and, above all, economy and harmony.

In conclusion, Aldo Bernardi's presence at Euroluce 2023 represents a unique opportunity to discover the artisanal value of made in Italy, to appreciate the attention to detail and the mastery of manufacturing techniques, but also to get to know a company that stands out for its originality and creativity.

All that remains is to visit Aldo Bernardi's stand to discover in person all the surprises the company has in reserve for its visitors.


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