Brushes - ceramic suspensions

Brushes - ceramic suspensions

Materials: Ceramic
Type: Suspensions

Colours, glazes and brilliance are the distinctive features of this cheerful collection in which these two original ceramic suspensions are presented, reproducing a round brush.

The Brushes lamp captures the essence of an art studio, with its shape reminiscent of a round brush dipped in colors. Every detail, from the vibrant yellow handle to the platinum ferrule, is designed to infuse a sense of exclusivity and finesse.

As part of a collection that celebrates colors and luster, Brushes carries with it a passion for handmade creation and attention to coloring that makes it a unique piece. With six options of colored glazes, this lamp is ideal for environments that want to convey joy and inspiration, from hospitality to educational spaces and creative places. It adds a touch of creativity and liveliness, stimulating the imagination and encouraging the sharing of ideas and moments of relaxation.

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