Quaranta - Ceramic Lamps

Materials: Ceramic
Plug: E.27
Type: Applique

Quaranta is a wall fixture in white ceramic with a glossy milk-white diffuser.

Discover the minimalist charm and timeless elegance of our wall lamp, perfect for adding a touch of modern, sophisticated style to any setting. Designed with a keen eye for quality and aesthetics, this lamp stands out for its white ceramic structure and a spherical opal glass diffuser that ensures both efficient and enveloping light distribution.

This wall lamp is not just a lighting element, but also a piece of design that can elevate the style of any room. The use of top-quality materials and carefully considered design make this product an excellent choice for those seeking the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.
Add a touch of light and style to your space now with our wall lamp in ceramic and opal glass!

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