Mangareva - Brass Lamps

Materials: Pongé fabric Brass
Plug: E.27
Type: Applique

The Mangareva line of brass lamps is the embodiment of elegance and sophistication, combining the old-world charm of antiqued brass with modern, sophisticated design. Each lamp is a style statement, with a brass frame that adds a touch of luxury and warmth to any room.

These wall lamps are designed to provide gentle, welcoming illumination, ideal for creating relaxed and inviting atmospheres in the home. With a single light source, they provide light that spreads evenly through the fabric screen, which is fully integrated into the structure. This fabric screen adds an element of softness and elegance to the lamp, diffusing light evenly and creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

The combination of antique brass and fabric makes Mangareva lamps not only functional lighting sources, but also decorative pieces that add a touch of class and style to any space. Every detail of the lamp has been taken care of with the utmost precision, ensuring superior quality and durability.

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