Hua Hikà

Hua Hikà - Brass Lamps

Materials: Brass Pongé fabric
Plug: E.27
Type: Floor Lamps

The Hua Hikà line of brass lamps represents excellent craftsmanship and sophisticated aesthetics, combining high-quality materials with refined, modern design.
Each lamp is a work of art in itself, combining functionality and elegance to create extraordinary lighting that enhances and enriches any room.
This floor lamp features a round base that provides stability and solidity, ensuring that the lamp blends harmoniously into the surrounding space. The three-post antique brass frame adds a touch of sophistication and sturdiness, creating a fascinating contrast between the antiquity of the material and the modernity of the design.

With a single light source, this lamp offers gentle, diffused illumination, perfect for creating cozy and relaxing atmospheres in any setting. The fabric screen, fully integrated into the structure, adds an element of softness and elegance, diffusing the light evenly and creating an enveloping and pleasant atmosphere.

Every detail of the Hua Hikà lamp has been carefully thought out, from the antique brass workmanship to the high-quality pongé fabric, ensuring timeless durability and beauty.

This lamp not only illuminates the space, but also transforms it, adding a touch of style and sophistication that will not go unnoticed. With its combination of fine materials and elegant design, the Hua Hikà lamp stands out as a true decorative element, embellishing and complementing any room with class and taste.

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