Il vero desiderio - Mola di Bari

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Aldo Bernardi creations enlighten “Il vero desiderio - Mola di Bari”

The architect Stefano Carlone and the designer Vincenzo Berlingerio of K1artStudio have chosen Aldo Bernardi’s creations for the renovation project of the pastry shop “Il vero desiderio” in Mola di Bari, a sweet paradise on Puglia’s coast.

K1artStudio Study

K1artStudio is an architecture, design and graphics studio, made up of a team of young talents who put creativity, experience and passion at the service of the most demanding clients. Which is their mission? Transforming every work, idea, brand and product into a complete and exclusive project.

We love taking care of our projects and of the smallest details, trying to include, in addition to architectural and interior design, other services strictly related to the project, such as graphic design, product design, marketing and web development".

The project

The owners of "Il vero Desiderio" wanted to renovate the historic pastry shop in the center of Mola di Bari through a targeted intervention which would recall the atmosphere of the English Bakeries, with a shabby-chic style, but fit into the specific context.
K1artStudio has designed a completely revolutionized space, with an overall vision that allows you to get out of the classic schemes.

Lighting played an important role in the work plan. The aim was to enhance the original barrel vault present in the room and, at the same time, enlighten the environment with a product that, in its formal simplicity, could become a characterizing element. The choice fell on 5 versions of Aldo Bernardi suspension lamp "Fate", in matt white ceramic.

The collaboration with Aldo Bernardi

We interviewed the architect Stefano Carlone, who talked about the aspects that led him to choose the Aldo Bernardi lighting system and the designer lamps and the collaboration with our company.

What is the advantage of installing an Aldo Bernardi lighting system?

« The chance to customize the product was very useful, by choosing among several finishes and alternating different shapes to create a dynamic fulcrum that would become the characterising element of our environment. We embraced the company philosophy, attentive to the care of details and that - in the simplicity of shapes and products - generates unique creations, perfect for enhancing every space

What makes Aldo Bernardi different from other brands?

« The originality of the products, the versatility and customization of the finishes and models, which adapt perfectly to every kind of project. The craftsmanship in production, which pays attention to the smallest details and the variety of the models, ranging from the classic to the modern style, which makes every element unique and distinctive in every context in which it is placed.»

What are the current trends and how can Aldo Bernardi answer to these market demands?

« The current trend goes surely towards the versatility and the customization of each product. Through modern shapes, but with an always attentive eye to classic and timeless lines. And in this, Aldo Bernardi, offers the perfect combination.

For a designer, the ability to range among his work is a fundamental feature, which allows him to adapt to the growing need to create unique projects, with a strong decorative and aesthetic impact.

The choice of accessories and details, such as the lighting component, is one of the essential aspects which contributes to the success of the work. »

Do you want to use Aldo Bernardi's light creations in your design project?