Maggioni Restaurant

The light of ‘900 and Lady Elena

The Maggioni Restaurant is an historical existing since in the early ‘900 century. It’s born like cheese and cold meat grocer’s that in time changed itself in a family management pub that welcome the travellers. Purchased from a company, the pub was closed and is only the restaurant that offers just the service refreshment suggesting typical dishes of the area like the shin, the risotto, the pasta; for all those who intend to pass a little time faraway from big cities and immerse oneself in the green of Montevecchia hills.Renovated in different phases from 2002 to 2005 the Maggioni Restaurant has revised the lighting system searching those lamps that recalled the memory of the ancient pub, creating a modern room and at the same time a little nostalgic. The Maggioni Restaurant previews to open the hotel for the summer and offers this way to travellers of our time a little calm and serenity. Lady Elena and the staff will be glad to welcome you for any occasion.

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