Hofbrauehaus Public local

Lass doch die Sorgen zu Haus! (Leave the thought at home!)

The dream of Alessio has distant roots, when more than ten years he enter into HB of Munich being astonished from the noisy toast of the people, from the cheerful and substantial served dishes, from the waitresses with traditional costume and the beers in their hands, but especially from the atmosphere that he could breathe in that place, where nobody was considered as a “ foreign”. The idea to bear in “his” Genova what he loved, but unfortunately it was by the hundreds of distance kilometres, has required, among the others, a problem apparently insuperable that is to convince to “not locate” the unique pub without rooms out of Germany: the mythical Hofbrauehaus that, born in 1589 and kept only for the royal family, is up to today the public pub of the Bavarian Estate and the most famous in the world. Then arrived Alessio and his big passion to convince the German management and that’s how now in Genova is possible to taste the beer (with the capital letter B) in three different variety strictly HB: Original, the light lager with a fresh spice and lightly bitterish, Muenchner Kindl Weissbier, the weizen beer, with a barley blend and crude wheat, and the Maibock, the double malt with amber colour. We can go with the cooking and the care of the products all original from Gerrmany or from Trentino, like the bretzel, the sauerkraut, the pork shin, theBavarian wuerstel and the cold meats that come from a little Tyrolese butcher’s.
Hofrauehaus Genova born from a big passion and from a detailed philologic research where the lighting system could not be left to the chance. For this reason have been selected Aldo Bernardi products that highlight the furniture setting off itself: in this intervention the craftmade work, that is the basis of every product of the piedmont company, is the value added that allows the appropriate position in a typical room, integrating itself from an architectural point of view and of the protection of the tradition. Finally Hofbrauehaus is more than an unique room…so that everyone in the future could have its reserved tankard. Bier Hier! (A beer here!).

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