Aldo Bernardi's creations in the Aurelia


Aldo Bernardi's creations furnish the Aurelia, a 39 meters yacht

Cantiere delle Marche is a shipyard specialized in the construction of motor yachts, with steel hulls of the Explorer type between 86 and 150 feet, based on entirely custom projects. The strong point of each new project is precisely the accurate tailor-made design of all the details, in terms of distribution of the interior spaces and the choice of furniture elements and external layouts.

Aldo Bernardi's creations were chosen by Cantiere delle Marche to illuminate the Aurelia yacht: 39 meters, very elegant profile and ready to sail to dream destinations.

The Collaboration between Cantiere delle Marche and Aldo Bernardi

We interviewed Tiziano Mecella, Architect for the Furniture and Decoration department of Cantiere delle Marche, and we explored all of the aspects that led the shipyard to choosing Aldo Bernardi lighting systems and collaborating with our company.

What was your customer's need?

The project was born from the need of a young couple, lovers of art and design and fond of fitness and outdoor activities. The request was to enable them to cultivate all these passions aboard their yacht. For this reason the shipowner did not want the elements on board to seem trendy and could go easily out of fashion, but on the contrary he desidered everything to be harmoniously integrated with the client's lifestyle.

What solution did you find and why?

The search for a timeless style, where modernity is combined in harmonious contrast with classicism led Aldo Bernardi to design an exposed lighting system. Together with the Paszkowski studio, which oversaw the interior decoration choices, we followed the entire development of the lighting project step by step. The industrial style of these light installations frames each room and enhances the furnishing elements. The pipes, the switch plates, the lighting fixtures and the sockets in dark burnished brass - made especially for this project - are exactly what the client was looking for. At the same time, the solutions proposed by Aldo Bernardi respond perfectly to the philosophy of Cantiere delle Marche, since the yachts we build are not vacuously luxurious objects, but boats of proven quality.

What makes Aldo Bernardi different from other brands?

The products supplied are the result of a custom design and high-level craftsmanship, the result of great experience. This is the perfect combination we are looking for in a supplier and partner. Furthermore, the interpersonal relationship is a very important aspect for Cantiere delle Marche: we are often chosen for the human component, which still makes the difference for many clients, and we too seek the same synergy with our suppliers. We found it in Aldo and Patrizia, with whom we found ourselves in great harmony from the beginning. The proposed solutions, in fact, were the result of an intense collaboration and a dense exchange of ideas that led to an excellent result, both in terms of product quality and the final decorative effect.

The details of the project from Aldo Bernardi point of view

For this project we have created completely tailor-made items, starting from a lighting system realized with cast brass. The system ducts have been integrated in an extremely harmonious way with the lamp body. The choice fell on adjustable spotlights that allow you to create movement with the light, adapting very well to the particular needs of a nautical environment.

Even the junction boxes, connected to multifunctional multi-sockets, and the switches have been customized with exclusive finishes, to enhance every single element of the lighting system and meet the needs of the customer, who wanted a unique product with a strong visual impact.
The choice of brass was strategic because this material, widely used in the naval sector, is particularly resistant to salt. To best preserve it, we have chosen special finishes, applied with a completely manual process by Italian artisans. The use of beeswax as an additional final finish has increased both its pleasantness from a sensorial point of view and its resistance over time.
The personal experience of Aldo Bernardi, who has always been a nautical and sailing enthusiast, has been a precious added value in the realization of this lighting project and has guided the customer in his decisions, in particular as regards the choice of the spotlights, adjustable, the brass and the finishes.

Each custom project is undoubtedly a challenge, but - thanks to his experience and expertise - Aldo Bernardi can provide various types of customized solutions, satisfying even the most demanding customers, naval sector included.

Do you want to use Aldo Bernardi's light creations in your design project?